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Happy Valentine's Day, Sam

Had I only known
five years ago when I
was lost in despair in
that hospital ward that
in just a few weeks I would
meet you and that
you would turn my life around..

Had I only known this
amazing future fact
of my life then
I would have spent
the rest of my stay
standing on my head
and laughing with
anticipation of
the happiness
in my future.

If I knew then what
I know now
my joy would have been
returned to me that much
sooner and my sorrow would
have fled with its
tail between its legs.

You have completed me
made me whole
pieced me back together
from a thousand shattered
shards of person lying
on the floor and
I will always
love you need you want you
admire you cherish you respect you
trust you
my Beloved.
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