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Diabetes and getting aggressive

So, once again I am trying to get aggressive with my diabetes.

This time, I'm not screwing around. I'm terrified that one of these days this disease is going to kill me. My blood sugar has been over 300 every time I've checked it for the last few weeks. Last night it just registered as "HI", which on my meter means it was over 700. That is DANGEROUS. Insulin doesn't seem to help it (YAY for insulin resistance! NOT!) and it laughs at my oral meds. I keep imagining my kidneys and retinas just melting into some sort of weird ooze.

So that leaves.. the diet.

Damn it, I love food. I love lasagne and I love stuffing and I love mashed potatoes and all that good carb heavy stuff. I like the occasional bit of candy, but I don't have a huge sweet tooth, thank God. But the carbs? Oh my.

Why is it that when I had gestational diabetes with Amy it was EASY to stick to an aggressive program, and now I just.. fail every damn time?

Here is what my diabetes management will be from now onward:

Six meals a day, three small, three moderate.

7:00 AM, wake up, check blood sugar, take 20 units 70/30 standard dose.

7:30 AM, eat breakfast, which is 1/2 slice of bread and one half cup of cottage cheese with bermuda onion and tomato (one thin slice of each, as they both have a fair amount of natural sugars) chopped up in it. If the blood sugar was good, 1/4 of a small apple or orange.

15-20 minutes exercise

9:00 AM, (or one hour after finished eating), check blood sugar. Take adjustment dose of R insulin if over 150, using sliding scale of two units for every 25 points over 150.

10:00 AM, mid-morning snack, which will consist of a sandwich made with one slice of bread, one slice of turkey or roast beef, as much sprouts (I use a mix that is clover and radish, very tasty!) or romaine as I want, dijon mustard. OR one cup of my homemade chicken soup. If I did not need an adjustment dose of insulin after breakfast I may add one thin slice of tomato.

11:30 AM, take lunchtime insulin, 20 units of 70/30.

12:00 PM, Lunch, consisting of one sandwich made with two slices of bread, two slices of roast beef or turkey, sprouts/romaine, and a thin slice of tomato, dijon mustard. I can also have a salad on the side with fat free dressing, or some celery sticks with organic peanut butter or low fat cream cheese.


1:00 PM (or one hour after eating), check bloodsugar, adjustment dose of insulin if necessary.

3:00 PM, 1/2 sandwich as detailed on morning snack, or soup.

5:30 PM, take suppertime insulin, 20 units of 70/30.

6:00 PM, supper. This is the tricky one, as I will be eating with the family, but I don't want to deprive them of the foods they love. For this reason, I have a two-fold supper game plan. On nights when supper is carbo heavy, such as spaghetti or lasagne, I will have a pot of my homemade chicken soup in the fridge. It's delicious, low in fat, very low in carbs, and easy to make and keep around.

On nights when we're having steaks or chicken or fish, I'll have a 4 ounce serving of the meat, all the green veggies I want, and a very small serving of rice or potato.


7:00 PM (or one hour), check bloodsugar, adjustment dose if needed.

10:00 PM, late snack, either half a sandwich or some soup.

12:00 AM, (bedtime, which will also be harshly regulated so that I can stick to a schedule and get this thing in hand) check blood sugar, adjust as needed.

I am also getting these fitness products:

Sit and Be Fit, an exercise program that I used to do back when I was first diagnosed. It is designed for the elderly and the mobility impaired, and all of it can be done in a chair. There are several DVDs available, I will be getting the original one as well as the diabetes workout and maybe one other, so I can have variety. - I'll be ordering these later today.

And one of these: - already ordered

This is going to be serious work.

I don't want to die.

I need to buy a scale so that I can keep track of any weight lost or gained.
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