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Wedding clothes!

This is the dress I ordered for me and my bridesmaids to wear in the church wedding. See the color swatches below. Mine is white, my Maid of Honor (Amy) wears the royal blue, and my bridesmaids wear the lighter blue/turquoise. I actually wish they weren't completely out of it in the print, because I'd do the blue floral print for Amy and the pink for the bridesmaids.

I'll be adding ribbon sashes that start at the side seams, so there will be bows at the back, and making silk hibiscus or silk orchid clips to put at the center of the bows. Will probably do some embroidery in the same color as the fabric or something on the sleeves, neckline, and hem, a tropical motif of some sort.

Best of all?

These dresses?

$12.99 each. That is NOT a typo, guys.
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