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I've got the blues today, unsure why.

I think I've been messing up my meds again, as I mentioned the other day either here or on FB. I wish there was some way I could remember to take them all the time. I've got one of those beepie pill boxes, but half the time I can't hear the stinking thing, and it's too bulky to carry around. Some website sells these watches, but they're $100 for the ugliest thing on the planet, I'd never wear it. Gotta figure out SOMETHING though!

Sean and Ian are both grounded again. They were lighting dandelion puffs on fire in our very very dry back yard full of very very dry grass. There's currently a burn ban on in city limits, too. I just don't know what to do with them any more. It seems like if we don't detail every single exact thing that is not allowed, they do it, and pull the excuse of "You never told us not to light dandelion puffs on fire, you just told us don't play with matches!" Oh FFS. These kids are not mentally challenged, and they aren't so autistic that they can't extrapolate. Grrrr. They can sure manage to sort out what they can and can't do when it's what they want. Sometimes I wanna take a belt to their asses. Good thing I don't do corporal punishment, I swear.

On the happy side, I got myself a coffee plunger last week at Ross for $6. ZOMG it makes killer coffee. Doesn't hurt that I got myself a pound of Dunkin' Donuts coffee to use with it. Yummmmm.

Getting ready to use that tax refund to pay some bills ahead so that we can live more comfortably each month than if I don't pay ahead. It's a nice feeling to get an electric bill that tells you that you have a credit balance and zero due. Even nicer when it's the rent statement.

Another thing I must remember to buy are Sean and Ian's bicycles. Their granddaddy sent checks for those at Christmas, but there were no decent bikes at Walmart right then. There's some good ones now, for about $90 each, so off to Walmart I go with Kris when the refund comes. Helmets and locks, too, of course.

Still waiting on the Community Based Alternatives program with Medicaid. It will take a few months to kick in, but when it kicks in, it will rock my universe in a major big way. I'll be able to get my teeth done, get a new motorized wheelchair (the one Chief Grube gave me is starting to fall apart here and there), and I'll have two other things: a housekeeper/aide for 20 hours a week, and a visiting nurse once a week to help me with my wound care and medications, etc. So that's good.

I'll be going to the Bay Area in May for Amy's graduation exercises. Anybody want to get together? I'll be there for about a week surrounding May 28.
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