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Regarding CBA

I took a milligram of Klonopin this afternoon when I got the denial notice. My standard dose is 1/8 of a milligram, but a milligram is MOST folks standard dose, and I used to take that much on a regular basis and still can if the stress is too much for me. Today it was. Once it kicked in, I went zombie for a little while, then fell asleep and slept like a stone from about 6 PM until just now, nearly 4 AM. And woke up with some fresh determination and a new attitude.

We're going to appeal. The only grounds they declined me on was my age, apparently, and the program is NOT just for senior citizens or those who are ready for a nursing home, it is for any disabled adult in the state of Texas who is on medicaid and truly needs the services it provides. I qualify on all counts, due to several health and disability issues I just won't go in to here, some of them are intensely personal.

But even if we lose the appeal, what have I REALLY lost here? You can't lose what you never really had, right?

I'll find some way to get the teeth taken care of, even if I have to have them pulled out one by one over the next three or four years. Dentures themselves are not that expensive, I can get full uppers and lowers for about $600. It's the extractions and the four impacted wisdom teeth that are going to cost. $250 each for the extractions, at the cheapest I can find, and I have.. (counts) 22 teeth not counting the wisdom teeth, so that's $5500 so long as the prices don't go up over time. And the wisdom teeth, because they are so deeply embedded in my jaw will require being admitted to the hospital, and medicaid won't pay for anything dental related.. so those will be many thousands. And I can't get dentures until they're out, because they'll cause nothing but problems, especially the one that has about one millimeter of tooth edge erupted through the gum, and the other one that is trying to erupt sideways through the roof of my mouth!

I'm just going to have to pray a lot on this. God WILL provide. He has never once closed a door for me where he didn't open a huge window of opportunity. He won't fail me now.

And it's back to jumping through major red tape hoops to try to get a new wheelchair. That process has been in the works for about 8 months with regular medicaid, and as I understand it, could take two or more years. Here's hoping my chair holds out long enough!

But there is always the appeal. And appeals in this world can go either direction, here's hoping it tilts in my favor anyways.
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