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And that's why that no worrkie

So I found what I thought was my dream wedding dress.. for $12.99, unbelievable.

It arrived today. It looks like a very long hospital scrub shirt. So, that's why that no workie. :)

I've ordered another dress, lemme find linky:

This one was $75, but it's lovely, yeah? Well, Sam and I think it is, anyways :)

We'll see how it fits.

We also ordered Sam's wedding shirt:

Sam will wear tan or white Docker type pants with the shirt.

I'll be telling my bridesmaids and the groomsmen that they can order any dress or shirt (depending on their gender) that they like from this page: that they prefer, so long as

a) It is a floral print
b) It does not have a white or black background
c) the dresses must come to at least the knee, but preferably longer

It should be a bright and cheery looking wedding party :)
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