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MORE on Sean

So I've been sitting here pounding my brain, thinking.

Sean was exposed to mono several times by his cousin just a few weeks ago.

Looking over the symptoms:

* Fatigue
* Weakness
* Sore throat, perhaps a strep throat that doesn't get better with antibiotics
* Fever
* Swollen lymph nodes in your neck and armpits
* Swollen tonsils
* Headache
* Skin rash
* Loss of appetite
* Soft, swollen spleen
* Night sweats

He's got the: fatigue, weakness, just got over strep but still mentions now and then a tenderness there, headache, loss of appetite, and while I don't know if he has night sweats, he has been complaining that their bedroom is too hot (with the air conditioner on!)

I haven't thought to check the tonsils or the lymph nodes. But he's got a lot of the symptoms.

I called the school to ask how they handle mono these days should that be the case. We were going to bring him to the urgent care clinic tonight and get a screening.

The school secretary told me about a local doctor who does not accept insurance and charges only $35 for an office visit, including the vast majority of tests! So I made an appointment for tomorrow morning for that.

And we shall see.
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