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Sean does NOT have mono. What he DOES have is a BOATLOAD of trouble.


We went to the doctor today. $35 for the exam, $40 for the bloodwork to see what all is going on. He couldn't keep his eyes open more than a minute at a time.

I get home, make a bunch of calls to church shut-ins to see how they're doing, then log on to FB, where my friend Lindsey messages me and says: hey! I saw Sean's vid on YouTube! And she links me.

So I watch his seven very lame videos. I notice that some of them were uploaded within the last week. He's been grounded from the computer for more than three weeks at this point in time. Trouble number one.

Then I look at his YouTube profile.

Last logged in.. 10 hours ago..

At 4:30 in the morning.

Then I notice he's got his stinkin' high school listed on his profile, and his picture, and his age.

All rulebreaks right there.

Ask me how dead he is.

And he is SO paying me back for that doctor and bloodwork.
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