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Sean. Again. Ad nauseum.


So, Sean also got his brothers into the act on the late night internet surfing.

And the three of them made an "amnesty" to not tell on each other.

We told them that's not a freakin' amnesty. It's a conspiracy.

All three are completely restricted from the computer, the Wii, their DSs, and their MP3 players until the end of the school year. They are all writing essays on their asshattery. I wish I believed in beating kids, I really do.

Sean has lost his netbook for good. We are bartering it to Tori's 12 year old son in exchange for a bunch of lawn mowing. Tori's boy is PSYCHED up. He's wanted a netbook for a long time now, and it just hasn't been budgetable for Tori's family. So that's a win, SOMEBODY can be happy about all of this.

The military school my FIL suggested for Sean will not work. It's not geared to behavioral issues. It's a prep school for kids who WANT to be there and are motivated to succeed.

And therapeutic schools run about $4000 a month.

I don't know what to do, but come hell or high water, that boy is going somewhere. Because he is destroying everybody in this family emotionally. And I have two other kids and a husband whose well-being matter just as much as the one selfish one's does.
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