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"I'm With Rush! I Hope Obama FAILS!"

If, for the last 8 years I had said that I hoped Bush failed, or even hoped it, I would have been branded a traitor by President Bush's supporters.

I never liked President Bush, but I backed him even when he was WRONG, because he was my president, and he was TRYING to help this country, as far as I could tell.

Hoping the president fails is the same as hoping the country fails.

I'm upset. Before the election, all my friends talked a big line about "We're all American, we must support whichever one wins, because they're inheriting a mess." Now that the election is over, I am learning that those were just empty words.

Yes, I had plenty to say about Bush, but I NEVER hoped he would fail, I never expressed that, I never desired it. I sure as FUCK never prayed for it. I would hope that ANYBODY who doesn't agree with ANY president would feel safe in expressing how damn foolish they think the man is. But to hope for failure?

Opinions are one thing. Wanting to see the country drown in economic failure and chaos is another.

I so feel like giving up. I'm tired of my friends teasing me and calling me stupid for my political beliefs, when I never do that discourtesy to them. I'm tired of them telling me I am immature for believing as I do. And I am tired of them belittling me and telling me that I'm really a conservative, I just don't know it yet.

I know that these friends love me. I also think that they don't know just how much their words hurt. Or just how disappointed I am to see them turning from "We're all Americans" to "I hope he FAILS."
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