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Okay, I've tried a million things, the only thing that ever really worked for me was Weight Watchers, about 20 years ago. I lost nearly 40 pounds, then quit because my new job wasn't compatible with meeting times. Back in those days, WW meetings were held in church halls and the like, once a week.

So, I joined WW last week, following in the footsteps of bassbone, jennkitty and flaim, who are all having remarkable success with the program. I checked with a nutritionist first, regarding compatibility with diabetic diet needs, and she said it's an excellent program, just watch the carbs.

I joined the online setup, so I couldn't weigh in last week. And then I went to the loopy house, so I couldn't follow the plan, as I didn't have the online tools, or the offline tools I ordered from the WW online store. When I got home, said tools were waiting for me, and I got with the program. Sort of.

First day I pretty much blew it out of the water. When I counted up my points for the day I had used the entire day's allotment, PLUS the bonus weekly points they give you for splurging, plus three points over that.

Today I did great, though. So great that I actually had to have an extra snack to use up the five points left over from the day.

We are doing a weight loss bible study and support group thing at church, we started that two Sundays ago. We have a weekly weigh in and some prayer and study and talk about challenges and suchlike we experienced during the week. So this coming Sunday I'll know my weight again.

Anyways, this is the first of what I hope will be many weight loss related posts.

In other news, watched two movies I loved when they first came out. Darkman, which has not aged well. Ugh, what a load of crapola! and Bull Durham, which was better than ever.

And I've had two truly excellent days at home with the kids. Sam says I am much calmer than I've been in a long time and seem to be having an easier time letting stuff slide off my back instead of letting it make me loopy.
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