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Wedding plans coming together

I'm really excited about how everything is coming together for the wedding.

As noted previously, the new (and FIRM) date is August 8, here in Ponder, TX. Amy will be my Maid of Honor, and I hope my sister can come to be Matron of Honor with Amy.

Sam will be asking Sean to be his best man.

Our much beloved friend, amaebi, who many of you know, is a UMC pastor, and she and her wonderful son Chun Woo will be coming to the wedding! Amaebi will be co-officiating with Rocky. This puts so much joy in our hearts that I just cannot express it clearly.

farmleaf will have my measurements and the dress that does not fit by early next week. Sam is measuring me tonight, I'll be express mailing the dress and etc tomorrow. If she has time and inclination, there will be a matching aloha shirt for Sam to wear.

I'm excited. Very. And really looking forward to this.
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