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Working in the clay

I have hardly touched clay for the last few years. A couple of weeks ago I did a clay covered tin for a friend, but I lost it, and just as well, as I wasn't happy with it.

Tonight I pulled out the clay and made a tin and a picture frame for the same friend. And I'm pleased with the results.

I really need to do more clay work. I seem to thrive when I give my crafty side an outlet. I enjoy kneading and pulling at the clay to get it malleable, making the tiny shapes I need to create beauty, working out color blends and so forth and so on.

I'm GOOD at this. Maybe not as great as somebody like Marie Segal or Donna Kato or Teresa Gunderson, but I am good. I make beauty out of blobs of clay.

I must do more of it.
Tags: clay, crafts

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