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So I am on the mend.. still far from perfect, but mending. No more fever, just coughing like crazy so I still need that horrible cough medicine the doc gave me, and my pain pills because the coughing HURTS. The combination of the two leaves me pretty useless for anything else, though. Here's hoping the cough goes AWAY soon.

Meanwhile, Sean has a whole entirely different sort of crud. His has him puking and crapping like crazy. He's running a 102 fever. We have a doctor appointment for him tomorrow morning, thank God we discovered Dr Griffin, $35 office visits, cheap blood work, and does NOT accept insurance! This is how he keeps his costs down to a reasonable level. So my men have a doctor again, one that we can afford. Thank God.

In other news, Ian said "fuck" today in school and got an In School Suspension. The complete context: "Quit fucking hitting me!"

Of course, as always, the lunch lady didn't notice the brutalization the football team always commits on my son, so only my son got punished. We are meeting with Ian's principal over this. Plain and simple, if the kid who hit my son doesn't get suspended, then neither does my son. Period. If I have to, I will bring this to the superintendent of schools. I am finished with Ian being bullied and brutalized and the little jerks getting away with it. We're also considering a lawsuit to force them to put in an anti-bullying program in the district.

I got in touch with another old friend via Facebook tonight. She told me that the guy who convinced me to get a real internet account and to check out IRC and MUDs passed away about two years ago. I'm pretty upset by this news. Greg/Snooze was a really nice guy. He is missed.

I know too many dead people.

And that's all for now.
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