Jennifer E. Thomas (j3nny3lf) wrote,
Jennifer E. Thomas

Dave Hingsburger

I read a lot of blogs. Almost all of them are either personal friends or LJ communities. There is only one blog that I read regularly that is neither an LJ community nor a personal friend.

That blog is written by a man by the name of Dave Hingsburger.

There are a lot of labels you could apply to Dave. Disabled. Gay. Overweight. Older.

Pick one. They are all correct. But not one of them embraces who this man really is.

I've been reading Dave's blog for about four or five months now. I don't remember how I ran across it, but every time he posts a new entry, I thank God for letting me find this man.

There is really only one label that truly defines Dave.


Dave is as real as they come. He talks about very deeply, intensely personal things in his blog. About the cruelty of people. About the amazing goodness of people. About funny things and sad things and things that make you angry or have you shaking your head in dismay. And each time I read one of his entries, I am struck deep down in the core of me with how real, how honest, and how amazing this man really is.

Because it takes a lot of courage to show people that soft vulnerable underbelly we all have. Most of us keep ourselves tightly curled up in protection of that part of ourselves, but not Dave. Dave bares it all, and in so doing he shows his readers (of whom there are many from all walks of life) that it is possible to be daring, to be open, to share what matters to you, come what may. That even though some people will dislike what you have to say, what you feel, what you believe, you can still say it, feel it, believe it, because that's what living is.

My hat is off to Dave, whose blog today once again reminded me of how vulnerable we all are, and how it's okay to feel hurt and pain, and find our way through it as best we can.

I have one more label for Dave.


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