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Pain :(

I've taken two Lortab and STILL my legs are hurting me badly.

I think it's starting to be time to seriously consider that knee surgery my doc has mentioned. It won't make me walk any better unless I can lose some of this poundage, but it WILL lessen the pain.

When two Lortab aren't cutting it, it's time to do something different.

I get so tired of being in pain. When I was Catholic I would "offer it up", but that didn't make it any easier. Just made me feel like I wasn't suffering for no reason at all. But. Thinking about that whole concept, offering up your suffering as a sacrifice for sinners?

It doesn't work. JESUS offered it up, once and for all. No more sacrifices are NEEDED. That was the whole POINT.

But still. I wish I still believed in offering it up. Like I said, then there would be SOME good out of this for SOMEBODY. Right now, the only good is to Big Pharma, making money off my prescription refills.

Still battling the smoking. Sam forgot to pick up the patches this evening, so I am still smoking more than I should, but I'm down to less than half of my smoking of just two days ago, so that's a plus. Tomorrow when I pick up my prescriptions, I'll buy the patches. And that should help. Prayer IS helping a LOT, but the patch and prayer sound like a winning combination to me.

Tags: arthritis, medical, pain, smoking

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