Jennifer E. Thomas (j3nny3lf) wrote,
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General blahs

Failed at quitting smoking. Starting fresh tomorrow.

I have the general BLAHs today. I keep feeling like I'm wasting my life sitting here on my ass doing absolutely not one thing of value to anybody. And before you tell me I'm so awesome for being a mom, dudes, I do NOTHING. I can't wash their clothes, cook their meals, clean the house. All I can do is yell at them to do their homework, do their chores, and bathe and brush their teeth. Sorry, but that's not of value.

I didn't get into TWU, lack of transcripts and no SAT scores, so ya know. And even if I had, how would I get there? I can't drive, I will never be able to drive, and I can't count on Sam not having to work when I have to be in school.

I've discovered I no longer enjoy working in clay. It hurts my hands. So, meh.

So. General FEH feeling.
Tags: blah

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