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15 book meme

Rattle off the first 15 books you can think of that will always stick with you

1 The Outsiders, SE Hinton
2 Gone With The Wind, Margaret Mitchell
3 The Count of Monte Cristo, Alexandre Dumas
4 The People's Almanac, Irving Wallace
5 Small Gods, Terry Pratchett (made me first start questioning the Catholic Church)
6 Higglety Pigglety Pop!, Maurice Sendak
7 Dr Seuss's Sleep Book, Dr Seuss
8 The Holy Bible
9 Loving What Is, Byron Katie
10 The Hidden Mark Twain, Mark Twain
11 Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain
12 Dune, Frank Herbert
13 The Dark Is Rising sequence, Susan Cooper
14 The Chronicles of Narnia, CS Lewis
15 The Little House books, Laura Ingalls Wilder

And note to my kids:

Just because you want it does not mean that MY things are for you to grab, use, and break with impunity. All I can say is WATCH YOUR MP3 PLAYER, DUDE!
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