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Texas is out to screw adoptees

I just sent the following emails to the TX senators and reps on the committees for the following bills:


As a birthmother who gave up a child for adoption in 1981, I feel that the two bills referenced in the subject line should go down before they get out of committee.

Birthmothers such as I give up our right to privacy when it comes to the needs of the children we brought into this world. These kids didn't ask to be born, we brought them here, and to deny them information about their heritage, their family medical history, and suchlike is tantamount to child neglect or abuse. If a girl comes from a family with a history of breast cancer, she needs to know this. If a boy's mother was a carrier of Von Willebrand's or hemophilia, he needs to know.

But beyond the need to know medical information, the need to have a SENSE of SELF, to know one's cultural/racial heritage, what one's ancestors did, is a basic human right.

If, as birthmothers, we wanted total privacy from the children we brought into this world, we should have chosen abortion. Our right to privacy ENDS when it affects another person's life so profoundly.
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