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Wedding details

Whee! My friend Catherine and her husband Buddy are catering the wedding.. they are amazing with food. They'll be doing finger sandwiches, wraps, salads, fruit plates, that sort of thing, AND baking my wedding cake. All for a budget of $250.

And I got the check sent out to them for that today! Yay me!

So. Here is where we stand:

Dress: bought and paid for, waiting for it to arrive.
Cake and food: Bought and paid for
Church and preachers: all set!
Decorations: I think these are all set
Paper plates, etc: All set

Still need to get:

Sam's white on white aloha shirt (gotta get his measurements and send to Farmleaf)
The boys aloha shirts, except Sean's
Amy's dress
Wedding favors

Need to make some music CDs. :) Need to arrange to use the park here in town if we do this as an evening outdoor thing, which I am leaning toward. Dancing in the gazebo FTW! And yes, the bride will dance a VERY short dance with the groom!

I'm really excited and looking forward to this.
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