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Snagged from Noey:

Name five things that make you awesome:

* I'm a good wife
* I'm a good mother
* I'm a good friend
* I write pretty darn well!
* I'm a Christian

Now name 20 things that you have recently found pleasurable:

1) Learning that Amy had the highest GPA in the graduating class
2) Watching Amy graduate
3) Hanging out with Renee
4) Hanging out with Sonya
5) Hanging out with Debb
6) Hugging Koji and congratulating each other on our wonderful kid
7) Spending time talking story and kanikapela (making music) with Uncle Jack and Auntie Cathy
8) Amici's Pizza!
9) Coming back home to my beautiful boys
10) Cuddling with Sam
11) The movie "The Bucket List"
12) Lunch out with Kris
13) Getting my nails done
14) Seeing my kitty after a week away and being mugged by her
15) Ditto the dog!
16) Getting the CPS report back today, with all two dozen or so bullshit charges marked off as NOT FOUNDED
17) Getting my new glasses, yay I can see again!
18) My new purple suede jacket from Debb
19) Seeing Sally's happy face at the airport
20) God

It's been a good week :)
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