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Thoughts on marrying my beloved all over again

So we're coming up on The Big Day here, less than two months away. I'm remarkably calm, even though this is the Big Wedding that I've never really had. Everything is coming together really smoothly, and the only thing left to do is print and mail out the invitations. Speaking of which, I need opinions.

Because we're basically broke, I am thinking I'll do the invites as postcards, and request RSVPs by telephone. That will save us a fortune in postage, as postcard postage is only 28 cents, versus 44 cents for an envelope, and another 44 (or 28, if we do postcards) for the RSVPs. Do you guys think postcard wedding invitations are too tacky?

Five years ago I met Sam on IRC. I am more deeply in love with him now than I was on our original wedding day. Seems like every time I look at the man, I fall deeper and deeper in love with the guy. Don't get me wrong, he pisses me off in a Big Way sometimes, but over all he's just incredible.

When we were in California at the end of May we went to church with my friend Gerda and her husband Kevin. Unfortunately I got sick partway into the service and we had to leave, so we didn't get to enjoy full worship or hang out with Gerda and Kevin at all after. Bummer, that.

But Gerda commented to me the other day on AIM that both she and Kevin had noticed.. actually, let me find the exact quote so I don't mess it up. Here it is:

Gerda: "I meant to say both Kevin and I really saw how kind Sam is/was to you."

And he really is. He has the patience of a saint, and never ever balks at assisting me with ANYTHING, and I do mean anything. When I've been so sick I couldn't see straight, this man has wiped my behind for me, for crying out loud - and done it in such a way that I wasn't ashamed or freaked out. And all I remember from it is that he did it willingly and lovingly. No negative residue.

So on August 8, I am remarrying this man of my dreams. How lucky a girl am I? I get to say "I do!" not just once, but twice to the best husband a woman could hope for.

Tomorrow we are going to an anniversary party for our friends, Art and Frances McKinley. Art and Frances were married sixty years ago, at the age of nineteen. Three kids and a bunch of grandkids later, Frances tells me that she'd do it all over again, because it's been that good for all these years.

Sam and I were both pushing forty when we married. The odds of us reaching a 60th anniversary are pretty slim, age-wise. But I'm just aiming for us to be together until we die, hopefully of old age, and of course our biggest hope is in our sleep, together.

Weird Al's parents died of a gas leak in their bed, together. I wouldn't wish death on anybody, but to die together, peacefully? Yeah, I want that. I want that a lot.

So in about seven weeks I'll be sitting beside my husband and taking our marriage vows all over again, assisted by our wonderful pastor and our wonderful friend amaebi. It will be a day of love, joy, reflection, and I'm sure there will be tears in my eyes and Sam's as well, because we're sappy sentimentalists.

I can't wait.
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