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Hi Anna! Hi Janice!

Ladies, please, PLEASE find yourselves a life.

And also, if you like your computers, install Firefox, you damned idiots.

I'm thrilled you both feel the urgent need to keep following my LJ, but there's got to be something more interesting you would rather be doing. Hasn't there? I mean, one of you has a brand new baby you bought from the former soviets that you need to enjoy until you get tired of it and ask for your money back, and the other MUST have a geriatric sock hop to attend.

EDIT: Anna, I'm glad to see you changed your browser. But I'm curious why you felt the need to visit this LJ not once, not twice, not just three times today, but FIVE times. Wow, I'm flattered that you're still THAT interested in me, darling. Does Isaac know about your obsession, or is it another one of your "little secrets"? Have you gotten a refund on your baby purchase yet?
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