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Jennifer E. Thomas
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It's almost like there are these periods where our relationship is smooth and steady, and then there are times when it's like standing on the edge of this gorgeous, wonderful waterfall and just letting yourself drop, knowing that there's a safe pool of water ready to catch you at bottom. You take the plunge and you're in wayyyy over your head, but oh man, it's exhilarating, it's breathtaking, it's just incredible and you feel better than you ever have before and the water is cool and refreshing and exactly what you needed.

Sam is my waterfall.

- LJ entry from 8/2005


Every Human Has Rights

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Jennifer E. Thomas [userpic]
So true!

Borderline symptom of the day: amused

Oh my goodness, that's amazing! Who do I credit if I decide to post this myself?

It's posted on Fukung, I don't know who it originated with, but it's too funny and too true! The Mormons bit had me choking on my tongue! :)

Haha, yes that was the best part!!!

Are you familiar with Eddie Izzard? He did a great bit in one of his standup routines, Jesus talking to the Father about the many religions in the world:

"You've got the Catholics, the Protestants, the Jesuits, the Methodists, the Evangelicals, the free Presbyterians, the locked up Presbyterians... the Quakers, the Bakers, the Candlestick Makers... The Mormons *are* from Mars, Dad, we've had that checked."

OH yes, I love Eddie Izzard! Two years ago at my apartment we had a Cake or Death Party. It was fantastic :)

THAT sounds like fun!

Are you on Facebook by any chance? If so, I'm Jenn Thomas McWhorter. There's a Jenn McWhorter Thomas too, but she's not me. :)

That's really funny that there are two of you, sort of :)

Just added you :)

Would you be Michael? :)

Oh, gawds, yes. That's it exactly.

So...when can we expect a prequel, then?