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Dear Children

While I appreciate that you've been doing your chores and refraining from bickering, I must say that it annoys me no end to go into the bathroom half an hour after you've gone to bed and noticed that your toothbrushes are all bone dry, and that the bottle of fluoride rinse you opened four days ago has not depreciated one iota since that day. This tells me that you haven't brushed your teeth in four days. At the ages of almost 11, almost 14 and almost 17 one would think that this daily habit had been ingrained in you, especially since I remind you every single night and morning to brush, brush, BRUSH.

Is Ma annoyed? You bet your bippy. Can I afford root canals and crowns for the bunch of you because you don't care about your teeth? Do you think girls will want to kiss boys whose mouths taste like a skunk crawled in their mouth, sprayed, and died?

From now on, anybody who fails to brush their teeth in the evening goes to bed at 8 PM. Anybody who fails to brush in the morning loses their video game time for that day.

Bet you'll all brush now.

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