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I am a strict parent. Ask any of my kids, they'll tell you that their Ma is tough as shoe leather and keeps them toeing the line pretty closely. Hell, you don't need to ask them, just dig through my LJ archives and you'll see the proof.

Anyways, it struck me about an hour ago that while I punish them when they do wrong and praise them when they do right, there is something I have never done.

I have never praised them for all of the things that they COULD do, but don't.

Disappearing and not telling us where they are
Bullying people
Disrespecting people
Getting in major trouble at school (for the most part, there have been slips)
Treating people unkindly

And the list goes on. They need to know that we notice these things, or should I say the lack of them, and we appreciate that they don't do that crap.

So I am eagerly awaiting them waking up. Because I want to thank them for slacking in those areas. :)
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