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Bad wheelchair news

So I get a call this morning from the company that handles durable medical equipment for medicaid. Will I be home to accept delivery of a wheelchair today?

Well, sure I will.. that's my power chair, right?

No ma'am, that's a regular wheelchair.

Um, that's not what was ordered, and I _have_ a manual chair. Which I can't really use without assistance. Due to the severe arthritis in my shoulders, elbows, and wrists.

Now it's going to take weeks for them to rescind that order and months more for me to get a new chair.

Meanwhile, I'm stuck in the FUCKING HOUSE for all this time.

Not to mention I'll need somebody to PUSH ME DOWN THE FUCKING AISLE when Sam and I do the wedding.

I fucking give up. I'm not meant to have any damn degree of independence.

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