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So my daughter and friends kidnapped me today and dragged me all around the area!

We went to Sam Moon's, where they bought me a tiara, which is so pretty I'm going to wear it with my veil. :)

Then to Hobby Lobby, where they chose the gaudiest, PINKEST most glitter and rhinestone covered velvet flower about the size of my bottom and ordered me to carry it. The thing is nearly as big as an umbrella!

Then off for the best cheesecake of my life, at Cabella's, which I won't even BEGIN to describe.

Then back home, with the shower to be CONTINUED on Thursday. There are whispers of a boozeahol fest in the air, but they're being all secretive 'n stuff!

I had the BEST time!

Thank you Amy, Tori, Kris, Michelle, Jackie, Nita and Stacey! :) Love you guys!

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