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Wedding blessings

So many people are doing so much to make this a wonderful and beautiful day for us!

My friend Jessica is sending me a lucky sixpence to complete the rhyme:

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and lucky sixpence for her shoe.

My friend Glinda has made me the most beautiful necklace to wear with my gown:

Cil is coming out from New Jersey just to play the procession and recession music at our ceremony!

Mary Ann is coming to concelebrate the marriage with our own pastor, Rocky.

Amy has been a GODSEND this week, helping me stay unstressed, and she will also be playing Paul Stookey's Wedding Song for the ceremony. As well as our first and last dance at the reception.

Catherine and Buddy are catering the food and are giving us the cake, too!

Melissa and Chris bought ALL the sodas, bottled waters, are handling the ice, Melissa is doing my makeup, and Chris is our photographer.

My bridesmaids, Kris, Tori, and Stacey have been just awesome, keeping me laughing and happy. :)

I KNOW I am missing somebody on this list. So much to keep track of! I'm so happy and excited and just looking forward to a wonderful day! :)

We've already received a couple of amazing gifts, which I'll post about after the wedding.

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