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Cool little label thingy


My name is


I am

activist, admirer, adult, alien, ally, android, animal lover, artsy, assertive, aunt, bbw, bear lover, beautiful, big sister, bitch, blessed, bouncy, caring, cat lover, child, chubby, chunky, complex, confidant, confused, cousin, creative, crip, cuddly, curious, cute, daddy's girl, daughter, different, dog lover, dork, drama queen, dreamer, dude, eccentric, eclectic, extrovert, fag hag, family, female, female-souled, freak, friendly, full of love, geek, gendered, girl, heterosexual, hippie, hippychick, huggly, human, individual, intelligent, interested, lady, little sister, lovely, loving, Mrs., ma'am, mama, me, mommy, mother, multifacetted, myself, non-trans woman, odd, open, outspoken, parent, passionate, person, radical, readable, redhead, right-brained, romantic, sassy, self-defined, sensitive, sex positive, sexy, sister, snuggly, spiritual, strange, survivor, trustworthy, understanding, unique, weird, wife, XX, YES!

Who are you?

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