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:) We're married! (Again!)

It's been a beautiful flurry of activity here!

Mary Ann arrived Friday and came to the house for a hangout before the rehearsal. She is everything she comes across as online, and then some. Sweet, charming, gentle, humorous, kind, loving.

Sam cooked his awesome spaghetti for supper. Our son Andy and Sam's mother in law, Myrna, arrived around 5.

At ten past seven (late, of course!) we headed over to the church to meet up with Rocky and the wedding party. Much hilarity ensued as we rehearsed for the Wedding Of Our Lives! It was great. :)

I finally fell asleep sometime around 5 AM, to wake up at 9 and realize that OMG, I should have woken up at 5:30! So much to do!

Wonderful chaos ensued, with getting the reception set up (THANK YOU AMY! OH WOW!) then worrying because Sam was, as always, running late. :) That man, you can give him six hours to get something done, and he'll STILL be ten minutes late. Gotta love him. In a hair pulling out kind of way!

Paul and Cil both arrived at the reception hall during the setup, and much joy ensued. I'd never had the joy of meeting Cil face to face before, and we shared a hug that lasted at least three minutes. It was the hug we've been saving since our souls connected fifteen years ago on a MOO. I love that woman so much. And Paul? There's no words, I cannot express how much he means to me.

Rush on over to the church at quarter past three. Get dressed, Melissa does my makeup (I looked GORGEOUS, there will be pictures!), hand out bouttonieres, corsages, leis, etc etc etc.

Rocky pops in to the bride room: It's ten past, running late! Yes yes Rocky, but we need to get this silly veil to actually stay on the bride's head (it didn't! Fell off partway into the ceremony! *giggle*)

Are we ready? Oh wow, we're ready! This is getting REAL, people!

Around to the front doors of the church with the bridesmaids, ring bearer, flower girls, Mary Ann to lead us.

In we go. I'm walking for the occasion, on Paul's arm, and oh noes! Everybody is LOOKING at me! They're LOOKING! Eeee!

Cil's violin is so beautiful, played with such skill and such love. I am already almost weeping.

And I'm hearing whispers as we stroll down the aisle, she's so beautiful, oh look at that dress, what lovely flowers!

Paul raises the veil from my face. I turn to face Sam, who whispers to me: "I love you, thank you, thank you, thank you for being my wife", I smile, damp eyed, unable to speak because my heart is so full, and Rocky tells us all to be seated.

Mary Ann and Rocky tag team the wedding beautifully, trading off various duties. I start crying when Amy and Kris sing Paul Stookey's Wedding Song, and the tears just keep flowing for the rest of the ceremony. Mary Ann is crying too, pulling tissues from her robe to wipe her eyes on occasion. This makes me happy, to know that I'm not the only sappy silly one in the group!

Rocky's sermon.. I'll post it soon, he's sending it to me tomorrow or the day after.. just wow. He hadn't gotten more than a few sentences into it when I was just overwhelmed with this sense of wow, this man truly loves Sam and I, he loves us, and he wrote this sermon with all of the love in his heart. I am weeping NOW as I type this, thinking of the things that he said to us.

Rings are exchanged, vows are made. I am sure that my makeup has run all down my face (it didn't, I think this qualifies as a miracle!) "You may kiss the bride." Sweet, sweet kiss. Cheers and applause from our gathered beloved ones. Up the aisle and out of the church, in through the back door and back into the sanctuary for photographs, and I keep seeing Rocky sitting in the pews with a smile on his face that is fit to beat the band.

Over to the reception, where the first thing we see is the wedding cake Catherine and Buddy gave us. Simple, elegant, so beautiful, wait 'til you see the pictures! Amazingly good food that Cat and Buddy worked so hard on. Soda, laughter, I'm fluttering from table to table, trying to visit with everybody, Sam is all over the place, talking, enjoying.. did he eat? I'm honestly not sure!

Toasts from Sean (Sam's best man) and Amy, (my maid of honor). Funny: They both had written out their toasts, which were beautiful.. and they both forgot to bring them, so they had to wing it, and what they came up with on the spot was even more beautiful than what they had planned. Full of love, emotion. Amy cried as she thanked Sam for coming into our lives and told him that she truly believes that I would not still be alive were it not for him. I cried too, of course. I could have resolved all of California and Texas' drought issues for the next five years if we'd had a vat under my chin today.

Folks are leaving. Hugs, laughs, joy, happiness. :)

Sam and I gird up to start cleaning, and Kris kicks us out of the place, says "Go home, we'll take care of this!"

So we come home. Open all of our cards and some lovely gifts. I best not forget the many thank you notes I need to write!

Then we just fall into bed. We look at each other, laugh, say: well, too tired to consummate THIS wedding day..

And then we realize. We don't HAVE to make love on a schedule, because we have this really groovy and wonderful thing, and it's just.. so comfortable, so cozy, so special.

We wrap around each other, and are sound asleep by the time the kids get home from cleaning up. I woke up a short while ago, am having a Diet Coke and sharing our day with you in words that are inadequate to describe this amazing, beautiful, joyous day in our lives.

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