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This morning my friend Frankie from church (Frankie is a lady) dropped by before services.

She told me she'd been thinking about our family, as we have a lot in common, she and Walter had six kids as well, and tight wallets, etc. She wanted me to know she felt like God was putting it on her to see what she could do to make our lives a little easier, the way folks had helped her and Walter when their kids were still kids.

So she asked me if they could sponsor Angelfood for us. I thanked her and told her that we honestly do have more than enough food in the house, that we fill our freezer and pantry every time we're ahead on money, but that the thought was really sweet.

Then she started talking about how Evan has been (and will continue to be) tutoring her granddaughter Brianna in math, and that she wants to do something to repay him for his time and effort. She asked if she could take him shopping for some school clothes.

I just plain could not refuse her for two reasons: 1) Texan pride. These folks feel the need to give something back to the boy for what he's been doing, and if we say no, they'll stop sending Brianna over for tutoring (this is a Texas thing near as I can tell, pride doesn't let them take something for nothing), and that won't do her a LICK of good, she needs the help badly, as she is mildly developmentally disabled and math is her weakest point. And 2) I can USE the help on their clothes, these kids grow like WEEDS.

So Evan came home this afternoon with three pairs of pants, six shirts, socks, underwear, and glory of glories! A new pair of sneakers!

What a blessing!

Have I mentioned that I've got amazing friends?

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