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The sign of the holy casserole

Today was the first ladies breakfast since summer began. Only Tori, Michelle and I showed up. Nita and Stacey were home taking care of a sick 11 year old, Kris was home with an infected kidney or two, and I'm not sure what happened to Lindsey, Tiff, Kelli, and Jackie. Ah well, slow start, but we'll have it back to full strength in the next week or two!

Anyways, y'all know Sam. Unless he sees somebody every week, he often forgets who they are. This week was Michelle's turn. He was all: "Who's Michelle?"

Says I: "She is our friend who isn't a Methodist."

Says he, in a perfect deadpan: "Then she must be a HEATHEN if she doesn't follow the sign of the Holy Casserole!"


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