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So we went out today to get the boys some sneakers, stuff for their church retreat this weekend, and school supplies. I also went to Sally Beauty Supply for shampoo and got one of these:

Actually two, they come two to a package, one that lovely golden brown you see, the other in the pearly white and clear crystal. And they are EVERYTHING they're cracked up to be. Tonight I tried several styles using them and my hair looked great each time. And so easy to use!

Then we went to Drug Emporium which is the world's coolest drugstore. They carry all the usual drugstore stuff, but they also have an organic foods and vitamins section that's almost as big as the regular stuff section. Needed some Polaner All Fruit (Peach and Black Cherry, have never tried either but I'm sure they're awesome!) and a bottle of Dr Bronner's Peppermint Soap.

As we were leaving Drug Emporium I saw two amazingly beautiful BIG black ladies walking in. One was wearing a really nice black and white print dress, so I complimented her on it and asked where she got it. She said: "Catherine's" (a fairly fancy schmancy big woman shop I've never been able to afford). Then her friend pipes up: "They're having a massive clearance sale! Some stuff is as low as a buck ninety-nine!"

Boy did I start to squeal. I wish I had gotten those women's phone number so I could call and bless them a thousand times over.. because!

I got a TON of clothes. Here's the list:

One pair of size 28!!! (DOWN TWO SIZES!) blue jeans that make my butt look smaller!

One gold satin tank top that will look incredible with the jeans (or anything else)

One pair of lavender colored slacks, size 2X (down from 3X!!!)

One lilac colored lace tee shirt, fully lined!

One very nice underwire bra, originally $50, marked down to $18.99 PLUS another 30% off, bringing it to just over $13!

One beautiful blue sleeveless top with white bead flowers and leaves motif

One beautiful blue and white skirt, flower design on it, reminds me of blue delft china

And, the piece de resistance..

A beautiful emerald green satin peignoir set, regularly $110, only $14.99 :D :D :D

Not one thing cost over $15. At least two of the items were only $5 and the jeans were only $10, then the $13 bra and the rest at about $15 per item!

And these are NICE clothes! The sales people at the store? Every single one of them was at least a size 26, and they were ALL wearing clothes that were CURRENTLY in the store. The woman helping me told me that they let the staff select $300 worth of clothing and accessories out of each season's collection and require them to wear those to work, which I think is a brilliant idea. AND they get to KEEP the clothes! $1200 in free clothes EVERY year, on top of the regular paycheck! And customers can SEE what that outfit looks like on a woman who is built to wear it, and I'm SURE that it pays off in increased sales!

$300 worth of clothes at regular prices, and the grand total for my clothes at sale price? $118. Over $180 saved, and I feel gorgeous!

Next week we're going out to find Sam some much needed new clothes and a pair of boots.

The new wardrobes are courtesy of my beloved sister, who sent us a generous wedding present. We decided that since we need nothing for the house, we would buy ourselves some decent clothes for a change, and use whatever's left over to have dinner at the Thai restaurant and catch a movie.

Happy happy day that has new clothes in it!

Happy happy Jenn, who feels utterly feminine and lovely in her new peignoir set!

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