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Jennifer E. Thomas
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It's almost like there are these periods where our relationship is smooth and steady, and then there are times when it's like standing on the edge of this gorgeous, wonderful waterfall and just letting yourself drop, knowing that there's a safe pool of water ready to catch you at bottom. You take the plunge and you're in wayyyy over your head, but oh man, it's exhilarating, it's breathtaking, it's just incredible and you feel better than you ever have before and the water is cool and refreshing and exactly what you needed.

Sam is my waterfall.

- LJ entry from 8/2005


Every Human Has Rights

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Jennifer E. Thomas [userpic]
Spider and Jeanne Robinson need help


Jeanne Robinson is dealing with a very catastrophic cancer and she and Spider can't afford many of the supplements and alternative treatments she needs. Please go read her blog entry and do what you can to help.

Nilptr and I are sending cash through their paypal link. Jeanne's Paypal account is here: jeannedream@gmail.com.

Without Spider's books, Sam and I would never have met. We owe Spider in a big way, he saved our lives.

If you send them anything, consider adding a note: I'm a friend of Mike Callahan.

Originally posted on http://j3nny3lf.dreamwidth.org - but you can comment either here or there. I prefer HERE!

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