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Meme from the bookworm!

1. First Name: Jennifer, but I go by Jenn.

2. Age: 45 next week!

3. Location: Ponder, TX.

4. Occupation: Happy homemaker!

5. Partner: My beloved Sam!

6. Kids: Bonnie is 28 and mother of my three lovely granddaughters, Andy is 19 and a Sophomore at LSU, America is 18 and starting her second year at SF City College, Sean is 16 and a Junior at Ponder High School, Ian is 14 and a Freshman at PHS, and Evan is 11 and in 6th grade at Ponder Junior High. They're an awesome bunch!

7. Brothers/Sisters: My sister, G, lives in the Boston area with her nifty husband, D. I have two younger half brothers, Darren, who lives in California with his beautiful family, and Kurt who lives in Oregon.

8. Pets: Pixel is my beloved kitty, she's orange and sleeps on my hip. Molly is our adorable and loving ninjahuahua. We have three cockatiels, Sunny, Que, and Sprout, and two parakeets, Jimi and Rosie.

9. List 3-5 biggest things going on in your life right now:

* Preparing for the PUMC arts and crafts fair
* FINALLY getting my health headed the way I want it to be
* Paying off an immense ticket. This will take a few months.

10. Parents: My father died in 1982, when I was 17. This remains the biggest loss of my life. My birthmother, who knows? I have been legally adopted by my friend Nita, who is all the mother a girl could ever want. AND I am blessed with a wonderful stepmother, Anne.

11. Who are some of your closest friends? Sam. Renee. Kris and Tori. Cil. Laura. Tracey. Laura (different one!). America. Nita. Stacey. Mary Ann. Gerda. Jesus Christ.
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