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Ian gets a rude awakening

Ian left the house at 7:05 this morning. Doesn't need to leave til about 7:25 to get to school by 7:30, since we live two blocks from the school. Breakfast is served at 7:30, classes begin at 8:05.

At 7:20 my phone rings. Ma, I left my jar of bugs for science class at home, bring it to me.

My reply: You're SOL kid, better run.

This may seem kind of hardcase to y'all, after all, it's two minutes of my life. But the problem is that this is a habit for Ian, and Sam and I laid down the law to him last time this happened and told him if he didn't make sure he had everything he needed when he left the house in the morning, he would either have to do without (and possible get a lower grade as a result) or trot on home and get whatever it was.

He walked into the house, slamming the door and speaking surlily (is that a word?) to his father and me, and got himself a five day grounding for attitude.

Sorry kid, but failure to plan on your part no longer constitutes an emergency on my part.
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