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Birthday shopping!

My sister sent me a $100 Amazon gift certificate for my birthday a few weeks ago, and I've been having a blast window shopping, picking, choosing, filling my cart, deleting some items, adding others..

Here is what G gave me for my birthday, so far. I STILL have $24 left to spend, that's getting me an electric blanket!

1) A new battery charger for my camera, and it came with a battery as well!
2) Two SD cards for my camera.
3) Two loom knitting books, one that teaches about twenty different stitches I can do on my Knifty Knitters.
3) Two books on diabetic diet exchanges, one that's a big reference book size, the other that fits into my purse so I can use it when going out to eat.

The diabetes books are really important. After more than 15 years, my diabetes is coming into control due to a lot of hard work on my and Sam's part. I haven't missed my meds or my insulin in several months now, and my blood sugar is consistently under 200 these days. It's still not ideal, but I think these books will help me a LOT with that. Medicaid won't cover a visit to a nutritionist, so I need to work the diet out on my own. And now I will have the tools to do that with. :)

Thanks G for a great birthday spree!
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