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More Christmas

Sam and I hit Walmart at 230 this morning. No crowds, no lines, easy peasy!

Got each boy a couple of packs of underpants and socks. Also found some cool t-shirts:

Ian: Mr Potato Head with his eye on the ground, says PIECE OUT
Sean: The internet was down, so I decided to come outside
Evan: Cow talking to milk: Milk, I am your FATHER! (milk, cowering) NOOOOO!

Also got Sam a GO TO JAIL monopoly space shirt, and me a blue shirt with Cookie Monster's face all over it.

Ordered full/queen size down comforters for all three boys. They were twenty bucks cheaper than the twin size! We'll have them in time for Christmas.

I can't remember what else we got!

Oh, hats and gloves for each boy! And something else but.. what WAS it?

Oh, yes. Ian needs a shaver, so we got him one. And Sean needs new glasses, so I ordered him some. Not really Christmas gifties, more necessities, but now is as good a time as any. There's something else for Evan but I can't for the life of me remember what.

Well, put this all together with their BIG presents (Sean: iPod touch, Evan: good digital camera, tripod, camera bag, light studio, SD card, Ian: BASIC STAMP expansion game designer kit, don't ask, I can't explain!) and the stuff coming in from various relatives and friends around the country, I think they'll be pretty happy.
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