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Loss, life, and doing what you can

A member of our church passed away this morning. I never really had the chance to know Betty, as she was already quite old and mostly bedridden by the time Sam and I joined Ponder UMC, but her daughter in law is a friend of mine, and I've been praying for Betty for ages now.

Today was Betty and Bud's 56th anniversary, and I find this tragic. A day this man should be able to remember with joy is now the day that he lost the most important person in his life. I worry about Bud, I don't know how long he will hang on now that he's lost his beloved wife.

Death is a hard thing. As a Christian, I find dichotomy to be confusing. On the one hand, somebody is gone from this life, never to return. On the other hand, that person has gone home to Jesus and has received the ultimate healing. To grieve? Or to rejoice? It's confusing.

For Betty, I choose to rejoice. She was ready, very ready, to go. For Bud, and her children and grandchildren, I grieve. They will miss her so!

Recently I volunteered to be the person who calls the members of our church who do not have email when there are prayer needs and church news to pass along. I've called on prayer needs before, but this was the first death I've had to hand along.

While doing the calls, for the first time I realized just how important this ministry is, keeping our church family connected and in the know. And for the first time I received a prayer request from one of the people on the phone list which I passed forward as I made the rest of my calls.

The body of Christ is the church, and all parts of it need to be connected and communicating. Otherwise, some of it withers, some of it atrophies, some of it can just fall off without even being noticed.

To quote the Blues Brothers

I'm on a mission from God.

Rest easy, Betty. You're home now.
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