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Gastric bypass

A friend of mine from a chat room revealed to me last night that he used to weigh over 600 pounds, and is now just over 200 due to a gastric bypass.

I oohed and ahhed as was deserved, and then told him how I can't get one because while Medicaid will pay for the procedure, the nearest surgeon who will accept Medicaid for payment is in Austin, way too far to go for the required twice weekly for six months pre-operative support group meetings.

My friend said: Have you checked out the local university hospitals?

Well, no, I hadn't thought of it.

It turns out that Baylor Hospital accepts Medicaid for all its programs, including weight loss surgery. And Baylor is about 40 miles from my front door.

I am quitting smoking March 1. April 1 I am calling Baylor and setting up an interview to see if this can happen for me.

Pray for me, please.
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