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Kids and chores and lack thereof

The last month or so the kids have been slacking in a big way.

We have a rule in this house. When you get home from school you do three things before you play, get on the computer, read a book, take a nap, walk to the park, whatever. These things are your chores, your daily shower, and your homework.

Lately they've been "forgetting" to shower (frequently, even with reminders), failing to do their chores, and getting extremely poor marks in their homework (but still scoring 100s in tests and classwork. To me this signifies slacking on the homework.)

Today Sam and I tried a little test. When they walked in we said: do not forget to do your chores, showers, and homework. Do you all understand?

Yesses all around.

Fifteen minutes later, I laid on a heavy reminder: Make sure you get your responsibilities taken care of or you won't like the consequences.

End result? Half of one chore got done. Two showers got taken. One person claimed to have completed his homework.

Ultimate end result?

Had the boys done as they were told, they would be going to see Avatar in 3D tonight at the Movie Tavern. As it stands, they will not be seeing it in the theater.

Their reaction? If we had known we would have DONE it.

Our response? You shouldn't have to have the promise of a reward to do what you've been told to do.

They can see it when it comes out on DVD, if Sam and I like it enough tonight when WE go, without kids, to consider it worth buying. Not on the big screen. Not in 3D. And not with popcorn and hot dogs and soda and jujubes.

Maybe they will have learned something from this. My guess is they won't.
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