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Wow, it's been a while

I blame facebook. It's worse than crack cocaine.

But seriously, time for an update, eh?

Things are good on the homefront currently. Sean has been trying to keep himself in check, not always succeeding, but the effort is what really matters. When he TRIES, it keeps the stress level down amazingly, you know?

Sam is working hard on his doctoral thesis. I look at what he's noting down and I feel like I'm looking at alien text, it sure isn't any language I've ever seen before. The guy must be a genius, nothing else explains his ability to do math without numbers!

Evan went to San Antonio for the state finals in TMSCA (academic competition) and came in 12th place in one of his events. His UIL team (another academic competition!) took first place, and there's a big awards ceremony next week for that. Ma and Papa will be there with bells on - we missed last year's ceremony because we were in California watching Miss Amy graduate high school.

Ian has his big tennis team banquet next Tuesday night and is very excited about it. He's not the best player on the team, but he's not the worst, either, and he really enjoys it. Hard to believe that one of our six is a jock, but there you have it.

Andy is still plugging away at college down in New Orleans. He's just experienced his first heartbreak and it's hit him pretty hard.

Bonnie is blowing my mind. She's got a new man in her life, and this one is a Real Man. Works a real job, owns a real house, is a real father to his children, and treats her like she's made of spun gold. About time! She's currently looking for work, playing house with Mark, and being a wonderful mom to little Lexi, who is three years old and full of spit and vinegar!

Amy is finishing up another semester at San Francisco City College and stressing out a lot about her grades. She's been taking a full course load plus working part time at an after school program, attending SGI activities, and of course spending time with her wonderful boyfriend Brian, who seems to be a really good person for her. She won't be coming to Texas this summer, as she has a summer job working at the day camp she used to go to when she was a little girl. It's going to be a long summer with no cuddling of the Amygirl, but she'll come out for either Christmas or spring break. Mommy will have to learn patience. Argh.

We had to re-home the corgi, Sid. He was chewing everything in sight and was very needy, attention-wise. Too much for us, so he is now living with my friend Kelli and her family. Her two girls, Jordan and Alex, love him to pieces and play with him all the time. Kelli already had a chewer of a dog, so one more is no big deal for her, which is good. Sid is happier, but Molly misses her big wrestling buddy. Molly will be getting a puppy here soon, though, as my friend Cat's chihuahua is having some soon and we get pick of the litter!

We also have another cat, Squishy, who is a long haired "flame point", whatever that is - ask my vet, as that's what he called him. We originally thought Squishy was female, until he went in to be spayed and the vet called and said, no can do but we can neuter him! He's the mellowest kitten I've ever seen, lolls around looking beautiful and fluffy, when he's not pouncing on Molly and making her play with him. He's the same size as her, and it's hilarious to watch them rolling around and chasing each other.

As for me, I haven't really been doing all that much. I really need to get off my duff and start doing some doll making. I've got these marvelous patterns just waiting for me to get to work on them, and I am starting to get the creativity itch again, so I reckon I'll be sewing up a storm this summer, which is all good. First on the list is cheerleader dolls wearing our school colors. I've got three little girls here who cheer that I'll give the first ones to, and then I'll be selling some, hopefully!

My diabetes is the big thing currently. My primary doctor, after several years of me suggesting I needed to see a diabetes specialist, finally agreed after an A1C of 11.2.

So I started with a new diabetes clinic about six weeks ago. Turned out I was on WAY too little insulin. Old doc had me on twenty units of Lantus (long acting insulin) once a day and ten units of Humulin twice a day. I am now on 50 units of Lantus (and still titrating upward!) once daily and 8 baseline units of Humalog before each meal plus adjusting based on my blood sugar reading at the time, generally about 12-15 total units of Humalog before meals.

What this means is that my rampantly out of control diabetes is FINALLY coming in to control. It was not unusual for me to have blood sugars of over 350 on a daily basis. The worst reading I've had in the last six weeks was 256, and that was early on. I am currently averaging around 150, and with the titrating of the Lantus that is still going down. The diabetes doc says that he fully expects my next A1C to be below an 8. Target is a 6.

I am also finally on a decent eating regimen. The diabetes doc has a nutritionist on staff (as well as an opthalmologist and foot specialist!), and I have been meeting with her and learning how to eat properly. AND losing some weight. Not a lot of weight, but a pound down is a pound down! I've lost seven pounds since I started this new regimen. More importantly, that low level feeling of always sick that I've been living with since I was first diagnosed with diabetes? GONE! I've got energy, and I feel pretty durn good! It's amazing. I should have demanded this from the primary doc, instead of just rolling over when he said we could handle this stuff just fine, it was my fault for not doing better. How could I do better when I was getting the wrong treatment and no nutritional guidance? Hmm?

Still madly in love with Sam. It amazes me how it seems to just get better and better with him with each passing day. When I realize that it's been six years now since I met him it just blows my mind because it doesn't seem like that long! When Isaac dumped me flat on my behind six and a bit years ago, I thought my life was over. If you had told me that the abusive jerk was doing me a favor, I would have told you how wrong you were. Surprise! Life is so much better with a man who loves me!

Hope everybody is doing well!
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