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Jennifer E. Thomas
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It's almost like there are these periods where our relationship is smooth and steady, and then there are times when it's like standing on the edge of this gorgeous, wonderful waterfall and just letting yourself drop, knowing that there's a safe pool of water ready to catch you at bottom. You take the plunge and you're in wayyyy over your head, but oh man, it's exhilarating, it's breathtaking, it's just incredible and you feel better than you ever have before and the water is cool and refreshing and exactly what you needed.

Sam is my waterfall.

- LJ entry from 8/2005


Every Human Has Rights

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Jennifer E. Thomas [userpic]
She's baaaaack!

So, after a very long hiatus, I'm back on LJ. Still Facebooking like crazy, but I need a place with more easily accessed previous posts to share my thoughts and feelins. FB is great for the MOMENT, LJ is great forever.

What's been going on with me? Lots. Amy and Andy are in college. Sean graduated high school and is living in the next town over with our cousin, and has realized that he is trangendered. He's asked us to keep referring to him as a male until he begins therapy, which he needs a job to pay for. Everything in time. Ian is a senior this year, Evan a freshman, and Bonnie is engaged. That's the kids.

Sam is finishing up his dissertation and should graduate with his PhD in December, woohoo.

And me, I've begun painting again, and it's making me very happy indeed. I'm working with acrylics, and will make sure to post some stuff here. I've also recently had all of my teeth pulled and gotten dentures, something I've needed for at least 15 years. My friend Bill got tired of hearing me whine about pain and came forth with the funds needed to do this. What a great guy he is!

I'll be posting more. I always like comments, they make me know I'm not shouting down a well. :)

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Borderline symptom of the day: calmcalm

If you were shouting down a well, you'd hear echooo ooooo oooo oo o ;)

That being said, I knew Sean went to therapy when he was with you. Did he realize it then, or is this a new revelation? Is that part of why he was such a putz when he was younger? I'm curious.

Glad you got the dentures. They shouldn't be wiggling around all over the place. It does take your gums a year to get to where they need to be. Your dentist should have you going in at least monthly if not every 2 weeks at first to adjust your dentures. I've not had to use tooth goo yet. It bothers me that yours are wiggly. They shouldn't be. Anyways, glad to hear from you :)

Sean has apparently been feeling this way for years, but only came out about it over the summer, and just last month to Sam and I. I think this may explain a LOT about his past behavior.

Dentures are no longer wiggly, I have my first soft liner, and they're AWESOME, but I'm having to learn to talk, eat and drink. Right now, when I drink with them in, it's wet tee shirt time at House McWhorter!

we kept a seat warm :)

There needs to be a LIKE button here!

Welcome back. Good to see you here again.