Jennifer E. Thomas (j3nny3lf) wrote,
Jennifer E. Thomas

Princess Diana

Princess Diana
July 1 1961 - August 31 1997

As soon as I heard of Princess Diana's death, the chorus of an old song began running through my mind. I think it is apropos to the moment.
Now I understand
What you tried to say to me
And how you suffered for your sanity
And how you tried to set them free:
They would not listen; they did not know how --
Perhaps they'll listen now.
(Don McLean's "Vincent")

Diana was a lady in the truest sense of the word, and the world has lost a bright star today.

For me, Diana was a symbol of magic and wonderment. I am grieved and heartsore at her tragic and senseless death. I feel for her children, for her family, for her friends, but I have to admit that most of all right now I am grieving for the loss of a lady who made me feel that the days of Princesses in bowers and Knights on steeds were not truly gone.

The only time that I can remember having felt this way was when I found out that there was no Santa Claus.

I have never purchased a tabloid, never opened one. All that I needed do was glance at the covers to know that they were garbage. But I share the guilt for her death with every other person who was fascinated with her.

My parents had JFK, Dr. King, Janis, Jimi, and RFK. My sister had John Lennon. The 20-something crowd had Kurt Cobain. Ten or twenty years from now, my daughter will ask me, "What did you do when you heard that Princess Diana was dead?"

I will reply: "I cried."

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