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Politics suck

So yesterday in reading my Facebook feed (and I am Jenn Elfi Thomas there, if you want to add me, just send me a note telling me who you are on LJ so I won't think you're a perv), I ran across a post from an FB only friend, stating that if people don't support Trump 100% they're a bad American and please unfriend him.


That's just freaking crazy. I have friends of all political stripes on my feed, and while I disagree with many of them, we refrain from being rude to each other, because we're mostly intelligent enough to realize that different people have different opinions, and that does not mean that they are bad people for it.

Do I understand Trump fans? No. As far as I can tell, he is a horrible, horrible excuse for a human being. But some people also think that of my chosen candidate, Hillary Clinton. They're not bad people for thinking that, and if I am their FB friend, we became friends for far different reasons than politics. To me, politics does not make or break a friendship.

But to Will, it did. So I commented that I was sorry he would end friendships over something so petty, and did as he asked.

Because what's the point of fighting with people whose minds are made up?

Maybe I'm giving up too easily. I think I'm getting too old to fight over things that are not all that important to me.
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