So funny!

Daen de Leon

2d  · In a closet under the stairs of a long-abandoned community hall somewhere in rural Kansas, a dusty phone breaks the silence.Three times it rings before the unmistakable tone of a 1200/75 modem bleats out for the first time in decades.

Once the connection is made, an old IBM PC-AT wakes from its slumber, hard drive improbably still functioning, and runs the login script for a bulletin board system which celebrates all things Duran Duran.Slowly, the first new entry for more than thirty years is edited and saved.An auto moderation script checks the text against a list of forbidden words before making it public, and almost immediately hits a predefined limit of cussing."Sorry", pops up a message on the terminal at the other end of the line, "but your entry has been refused and you have been autobanned. User Ronald J Dump has been deleted from Duransas Kansas Wildcat BBS. Goodbye!"

As the connection is dropped and the BBS host goes back into its welcome hibernation, the howl of rage from the occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, as this last desperate online avenue of expression is denied to him, reverberates from coast to shining coast.


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