I love Jim Wright, too.

Jim Wright

January 7 at 11:12 AM  · The Election is certified valid at all levels. Thus, ANY federal agency refusing to IMMEDIATELY and fully comply with the orderly transition of power to Joe Biden and his administration MUST be investigated and those responsible tried for sedition and insurrection up to and including the current shitbag President of the United States. I don't give a damn if it's a Cabinet Secretary or a some lowly supply gofer who hid the toner cartridges, if they're dragging their feet or impeding transfer of power in even the slightest manner, they need to have the hammer dropped on their goddamn heads to the maximum extent allowed by law, up to and including long, long prison sentences at hard labor. I mostly especially include the goddamned generals in this as well. Any attitude, ANY reluctance, any foot dragging or bureaucratic bullshit that these Pentagon fuckers are so damn good at, anything other than full, immediate compliance and an enthusiastic YES, SIR! in support of the civilian transfer of power, so much as a roll of the eyes, should result in an immediate court martial and prison. These sons of bitches need to be brought firmly to heel. They need to start leading by PERSONAL example or be removed from the service. NO EXCEPTIONS. So long as I'm on this subject, if you insist on the title "General" or "Admiral" or "Colonel" or "Captain" after you've left or retired from service, then you should be held to the full laws and authority of the UCMJ. I.e. if you insist on calling yourself GENERAL Flynn, then you should be held accountable under the full obligations of that title. Or don't use it, ever. Any member of the government, in uniform or out, who puts ideology and political party above duty, the law, and their oath needs to be purged from service without mercy or delay.


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