Really powerful rant

agree with this rant by John Philip Sunseri II.
“Early in trump’s term, I had a minor breakdown. I was doing pretty well coming to terms with the fact that a sociopathic moron was in charge of the nuclear arsenal, but it hit me one day--forever, as long as there are people and history books, donald trump’s picture would appear just after Barack Obama’s. And in that moment that fact struck me as so sad, so WRONG, that I actually started crying. To have a kind, decent, good man, a family man, a man of faith and courage, a man filled with love of country, respect for tradition, and passion for justice, facing off across the page with…with fucking donald trump--it shattered me for a few minutes.

“In one of Stephen R. Donaldson’s Thomas Covenant books (I’m not gonna dig through all of them looking) there’s a bit of dialogue that has always stuck with me. I’m paraphrasing, but one of the characters notes that ‘if you really want to hurt someone, you don’t kill them, or beat them, or torture them. No, you take something thy love, and give it back to them broken.’ And that’s exactly what president trump has done for four years; from the instant he rode down that goddamn escalator, he’s filthified everything good and decent and noble about the United States of America. His grubby little baby hands have the Sadim touch--that’s like the Midas touch, but backwards. Everything he touches turns to shit. He has broken this nation. He has pissed on our altars, wiped his ass with our founding documents, hocked our crown jewels, sold our birthright for a mess of pottage. He has done what myriad enemies foreign and domestic throughout our history could not--he has defeated America. Yesterday some inbred yahoo paraded a Confederate flag through the halls of the Capitol. Jefferson Davis, and Robert E. Lee, and Nathan Bedford Forrest are smiling up from Hell right now. And Abraham Lincoln is weeping from Heaven.

“I remember that I used to be awed by the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Our nation’s highest civilian honor, presented to great people who did great things. Now he’s tossing them around like Mardi Gras beads to anyone who flashes him their tits. He gave one to Rush Limbaugh. He gave one to Devin fucking Nunes, for fuck’s sake. The medal means nothing, now. It’s worth a Confederate dollar. And it’s not alone--the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office has a long, storied history, represents the friendship between America and Great Britain, and has been the site of numerous vastly important signings. donald trump used it to hock Goya beans because the guy who owns the company was nice to him. I honestly believe he’s been sticking boogers on its underside for four years. They may never be able to get the Big Mac stains out of it.

“He turned the press room, from the very first press conference Sean Spicer held in it, into a chamber of lies and propaganda. The very first thing--remember this?--on Spicer’s agenda was to lie about the size of the crowds at trump’s inauguration. Press secretaries spin, of course. They’ve always spun. But trump’s people flat-out lie, over and over, mind-numbingly and obviously and pathetically. He’s desecrated the White House; he let Sarah Palin and Ted Nugent run around and pose for selfies mocking Hillary Clinton’s portrait. He bragged state secrets to the Russian ambassador in the Oval Office. He served national champion collegiate athletes cold hamburgers and chicken nuggets. His wife tore out Jackie Kennedy’s roses. He tear-gassed peaceful protesters so he could stand in front of St. John’s with a Bible for a photo-op. If there’s something good, or noble, or decent in Washington, trump’s raised his leg to it and drenched it in rancid Diet Coke urine.

“And yesterday he fired up a crowd of stupid, hate-filled terrorists, aimed them at the Capitol, and watched while they turned those hallowed halls into Delta House.

“I’m beyond shock, of course. My gag reflex has been Novocained after four years of outrage after outrage. But my rational mind is still capable of recognizing that the duly-elected president of the United States fomented, encouraged, and excused insurrection against the government. I just keep coming back to that. He raised an army and sent them marching on the Capitol. Our president did this. His tiny little hands are already dripping blood--the blood of American soldiers killed for Russian bounties, the blood of hundreds and thousands of COVID victims, the blood of the people Kyle Rittenhouse murdered, the blood of gassed, beaten and terrorized protestors across the country--and yesterday he got one of his own MAGA cult members shot and killed at the Capitol. There was ARMED CONFLICT in the fucking CAPITOL.

“Rick Wilson’s got a book called EVERYTHING TRUMP TOUCHES DIES, and I applaud the blunt honesty of that title, but I come back to that Donaldson quotation; if everything he touched died, that would be bad enough. But he does worse. He takes everything he touches, breaks it, and hands it back to us. He has crushed souls, turned honest people into compromised monsters, broken the Justice Department, used his position to pour shekels into his bank accounts, encouraged Nazis and militia terrorists, emboldened racists, given life to insane conspiracy theories, and now he’s committed actual treason. He’s waged war on this country.

“We’ll try to pick up the pieces, of course. There are good, decent Americans--probably a majority of us, actually. And in less than two weeks the sun will rise on the wrecked and rancid landscape that trump’s four-year coke orgy has given us, and we’ll sigh and get the Windex and the mops and the steel wool and get to work, but there will always be that stink, that trump stink, and no way to get it out, no matter how hard we scrub. The pain will never go away. And even when HE finally goes away--whether to jail, dead of a heart attack, or ensconced in Mar-a-Lago like a tick on a testicle--his picture will be right in between Barack Obama’s and Joe Biden’s. Forever.”


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