So this is happening...

Sam will be back Wednesday night for two weeks to pack his shit and leave my life for good.

I am terrified that I will utterly lose my shit while he is here.

And no, I can't have him stay somewhere else, it's just simply not feasible. It would be MORE hassle to have him at one of my other kids' homes in Denton, because he won't have a car and that means Lis will be on the road to Denton for a total of three hours a day between getting and delivering him, and taking and getting my brother from his job.

And nobody has money for a motel. He has money for a U-Haul. And not much else. And I'm certainly not financing this bullshit.

I have a camping cot that his fucking mistress gave me a couple years back, and that's what i'm setting up for him to sleep on, with the worst pillow in the house and one blanket. He is not welcome here, and he will get ZERO incentive to either stay, or ever come knocking on my door again. He cut the bridge in half. I am burning the motherfucking bridge DOWN.


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